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Audrey Chia

About Audrey Chia

Audrey is a proud Canadian originally from Singapore and currently residing in Toronto. As a graphic designer by trade, she enjoys practicing the creative process in everyday life. When she isn’t designing, you can find her juggling my other responsibilities as a school program facilitator, book-keeper, administrator and the occasional tutor. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking new dishes, crafting and discovering new neighbourhoods in the city (preferrably on a sunny day with a bike and a friend).

Your connection with Ratanak

I first heard about child sex trafficking by attending a day conference hosted by Ratanak International in 2010. As Lisa and Brian were speaking, I was deeply moved and challenged to be a part of what they were doing. In particular, I found their love of God and the Cambodian people, tied with their Christian convictions, both refreshingly authentic and deeply profound. I started attending the monthly prayer groups, followed by the core group. I’ve been a volunteer ever since then and have really felt at home amongst the team.


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