75% raised in total: $30,005

Larry Dearlove goes the distance for Cambodians


The Long Road continues after 500km

On April 26, Larry Dearlove, our 5KM’s Head Organizer, started his journey running to Waterloo (nearly 100km) in order to participate in the Waterloo Marathon on April 30 – THIS WILL BE his 9th marathon (another 42.2km)! He has run since 2009 to support the work of Ratanak International.

His one goal is to continue to run and raise funds and awareness to stand behind the 4 key responses of Ratanak International to confront trafficking and exploitation:

PREVENT – Equip Cambodians to prevent exploitation
PROTECT – Working collaboratively to protect the vulnerable
RETURN – Help the trafficked return home
RESTORE – Persevere in love to restore survivors

We pray boldly and trust in the Lord boldly for what He sets out for us to achieve through this year’s 5KM Walkathon. Your actions are going to play a vital part in someone’s healing and restoration in Cambodia!

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.