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Hope Changes the Story T-shirts

All proceeds go towards Ratanak’s Anti-Exploitation Projects.
Royal Apparel t-shirts, made in NY sweat-shop free. 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled polyester.

5KM HCTS Wm-Gry5KM HCTS Wm-Blk5KM HCTS Wm-Gry Back

Women’s t-shirt: $10 + $5 shipping and handling

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5KM HCTS Mn-Gry5KM HCTS Mn-Blk5KM HCTS Mn-Gry Back

Men’s t-shirt: $10 + $5 shipping and handling

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Books by Khmer Rouge survivor, Reaksa Himm

All proceeds go towards Reaksa’s ministry projects at the Khmer Christian Center.

Tears of My soul

Tears of My Soul

The haunting, first-person story of a boy who escaped the killing fields of Cambodia to eventually find Christ and the power of His forgiveness.

$18 (includes shipping and handling)

After the Heavy Rain

After the Heavy Rain

The powerful sequel to the moving book The Tears of My Soul, After the Heavy Rain chronicles the life of Sokreaksa Himm after the Cambodian killing fields and examines his amazing ability to forgive.

$18 (includes shipping and handling)

2 books

Tears of my Soul + After the Heavy Rain

Buy both books and save!

$30 (includes shipping and handling)

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