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Level Ground Trading

level ground trading

About Level Ground Trading

Level Ground Trading was established in 1997 by four families on Vancouver Island with the vision to alleviate poverty through fair trade. The founders believe that God deeply loves the poor, and were called to change the unjust economic system, which disadvantages small-scale farmers. Today, Level Ground Trading is a successful multi-product food and beverage company that impacts the families of over 5000 small-scale farmers worldwide, by providing the opportunity for direct fair trade and a support system offering access to education, healthcare and a sustainable future.

Reason for supporting the Ratanak 5km Walkathon

Like Ratanak, Level Ground Trading is committed to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable and exploited groups of people. We are supporting the 5km Walkathon to show our solidarity and support for a holistic approach to development that provides hope, dignity and opportunity to those living in poverty. While Ratanak provides ‘prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration,’ Level Ground provides opportunity for economically disadvantaged producers as well as premiums for education and healthcare. Together we are working together to promote sustainable livelihoods that empower those who need it most.


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