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About Lara at Wellness Advantage

Lara is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She’s a health enthusiast on a mission to improve personal health and vitality, and a compassionate nutritionist providing tailored plans to help clients achieve a sustainable lifestyle of health and wellness. She’s a passionate speaker and blogger with a special interest in well-researched, proven methods of improving health and longevity. After spending over 15 years in the corporate world, she understands how a busy life can get in the way of proper nutrition. As a result, she offers realistic solutions tailored to the needs and schedules of her clients.

Your connection with Ratanak

I heard about Ratanak on a radio program on WDCX hosted by Neil Boron. My heart was broken for the people of Cambodia and I was desperate to help. In 2011 I connected with the volunteer group in Toronto and began to attend ther monthly meetings. My heart goes out to the people of Cambodia and I am forever connected to them in my heart. My family and I look forward to the walkathon each year and we one day anticipate serving the people of Cambodia on the ground.


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